Top Ten Signs Your Spouse is Cheating: Revealed by Active Cheaters

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Cheating  - that thing that’s as old as time. Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure it an’t going anywhere. With that in mind, I’d like to welcome the folks from Victoria Milan along to give us the low down on truth about cheating. And, being the self-confessed ‘World’s #1 site for extra marital affairs, if anyone should know, they should. 

Catching a cheating partner isn’t as easy as one might think, as only 15% of cheating women and 18% of adulterous men have ever been caught, according to a recent survey sample. In addition, just 30% of both cheating men and women believe their partner has been suspicious when they have arrived home from a date with their lover.

The survey, conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat – questioned 5,780 of its active members to discover how they would react if they were caught cheating, and which are the top ten ‘signs of a cheater’ after a date with his or her lover.

Getting caught having an affair is the most undesirable outcome, and if busted, it seems males and females would react differently. More than a third of women say they wouldn’t try to cover up – they would admit they were having an affair, just to see what would happen. Men are torn between acting surprised and demanding evidence, and admitting straightforwardly that they have been sleeping with someone else. The second most popular reaction from men is to bluntly deny they are in a relationship with someone else.

Cheaters surveyed gave some inside information on how best to tell if your partner is having an affair. The majority of men and women say the top three tells of a cheating spouse are: they become more protective of their privacy – keeping their cell phone and email accounts password protected and logged out (33%), they start to keep a physical distance and avoid eye contact (15%), and they dress too well and become more concerned about their appearance (13%).

 images-2Top ten signs of a cheating spouse coming back from a date:

#1 Being extra careful with their privacy (cell phone, email)

#2 Keeping distance from their partner and avoiding eye contact

#3 Looking too good: well-dressed and extra-worried about their appearance

#4 Not behaving naturally: not being concerned about family matters, being focused on other things

#5 Showering at strange hours or putting clothes directly in the laundry

#6 Forgetting their alibi and mixing their stories up

#7 Being extra loving and kind because they feel guilty

#8 Having lipstick marks or perfume on their clothes

#9 Going to bed right away and making excuses to not have sex

#10 Keeping bills or invoices of dates
Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said cheaters prefer not to get caught – they like to have their cake and eat it too.

“It takes one to know one: and our cheaters know exactly which of their behaviours will indicate they are having an affair – because they are adopting these exact behaviours themselves. Our research shows they’re extremely good at it too as very few of our cheaters get caught,” Mr. Vedal said.



katyTop Ten Signs Your Spouse is Cheating: Revealed by Active Cheaters

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