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When it comes to sex toys, there is no doubt that there are plenty on the market and, despite toys becoming more mainstream, there are still some pretty crap ones about!

It’s refreshing then, to come across an adult brand who’s products really do make the grade, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality.

Life can have many simple pleasures – good food, a nice glass of cold crisp wine and of course … a great orgasm! Proven to chill you out ad help with stress, an orgasm can help you live longer, look better and feel great.

To help you reach the big O like never before and to ensure you are always satisfied, meet a new collection of toys from Satisfyer.

With pleasure and design in mind, the Satisfyer is a range of products that look and feel great, no longer to be hidden away in the bedroom cupboard, instead they are the perfect companion, attractive, always there and guaranteed to give you pleasure!

Here are some of my favourites …

The Satisfier Pro Penguin


The award-winning girly one, pink coloured and playful. This sweet pressure wave vibrator looks pretty and is comfortable in the hand, It’s bright head stimulates the clitoris, from very soft to very intense – all without touching it. Its handy design and intuitive control panel is ideal for beginners who want to explore with different sensations and intensities. So good it is it has recently been crowned the winner at the IF Design Awards 2017!

The Satisfyer 1


Known as the hippy travel companion, developed for want to explore. Practical and fits into a handbag, the Satisfyer1 is a small and discreet and can be used anywhere, anytime. Waterproof and battery operated for convenience too!

The Satisfyer 2 



Cool and chic, in its elegant white-rose-gold outfit. With plus and minus button on the shiny control panel, enabling a quick and prompt change in setting. With an unbelievable eleven settings to take you anywhere you want to go.

Other people say …

“Bringing you to a climax in record time” ELLE

“And it wasn’t just any orgasm – it was a cluster of orgasms within an orgasm” ELITE DAILY

“My latest favourite – the Satisyer Pro 2″ WOMEN’S HEALTH

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katyThere’s a New Buzz About Town!

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