The Sexiest Way to Spice Things up This Christmas …

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Forget mince pies and mulled wine this year, when it comes to spicing up your Christmas this year, why not try a bit of light bondage – sounds a bit extreme? You’d be surprised, with the increased popularity of films like Fifty Shades and erotic events such as Torture Garden becoming ever more mainstream, the ol’ whip n’ handcuffs are more popular than you think!

Granted, however for those of you new to the concept of expanding your sexual repertoire to beyond the missionary position it can be quite a daunting area to delve, that’s why I’m thrilled to welcome my friends over at who have put together this awesome ‘beginners guide’ giving even the most bashful of bondage newbies a look into the increasingly popular sexual genre!

Queens’ speech on Christmas Day? Meh – *this* is where it’s at …

Bondage for Beginners






katyThe Sexiest Way to Spice Things up This Christmas …

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