A Cheeky New App For Couples

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iPassion app promises to improve your sex life … which is a BIG promise.

However I’m always interested to hear about new apps, especially when getting fresh is involved, so was curious to know more about this one which claims to help bring couples closer together through mobile game playing with personal questions and answers!

 4RIGHT - ScoreboardNo matter your age, sexual orientation or relationship status iPassion’s innovative new app for couples allows players to get to know their partner better through inanimate gaming. More than 15,000 people found this so appealing that they participated in the startup’s beta testing phase. And since their launch in July 2016, over 70,000 people have used it to spark up their sex life.

iPassion helps couples find out more about their partner’s sexual preferences and desires in a fun and casual way by asking intimate questions. Players can win rounds simply by knowing more about their partner than the partner knows about them. When players win a round, they get to select a “hot prize” which their partner must perform (i.e. back rub, oily massage, a night’s stay in a hotel, etc.) – or they can create their own personalised prize.

We wanted to create a game where it would be fun and entertaining for people to improve their sex lives – by sparking fun conversations about their sexual preferences and fantasies” explains J. Martin Moeller, the startup founder. “According to our testers and initial players, we’ve succeeded in doing so with iPassion.”

During the game, players can chat within the app. For added privacy, the app allows users to create their own PIN number which is required to open the app once it has been closed.

 “The idea came from my own relationship experiences where I, despite having been with my girlfriend for 7 years, discovered that we could still learn a lot about each other when asked some of the questions that are in the app. And a lot of our testers have stated the same”, Moeller says.

Moeller adds to this stating, “Not only do we believe our app can help bring couples closer together; we believe it has the potential to clear out misunderstandings and increase the quality of people’s sex lives – in a playful manner,”.

The app is available from:  www.ipassionapp.com,the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android) and is available for both smartphone and tablets.



katyA Cheeky New App For Couples

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