Why Denise Welch’s Bikini Selfie Has *Nothing* to do With Empowerment

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Yikes, Denise Welch semi-naked. Somebody make it stop.

According to the Daily Mail this morning, the bikini clad fifty-seven-year-old was newsworthy enough to make the proverbial front pages and was described as looking ‘stunning’ ‘simply sensational’ with an ‘age defying form’.


33557AC800000578-3548349-image-m-2_1461090310734Now, make no mistake, the woman doesn’t look *that* bad for her age, I’m seen far better form on other women in their fifties, but credit where it’s due, she’s worked hard to shift the weight she was carrying a few years ago with hard work and exercise, yada, yada.

On Twitter this morning, I put the subject out to graze, suggesting that she’d probably look better with a bit more on and was shut down by an angry follower who came back saying that Denise Welch had every right to ‘own’ her body, that her selfie was about empowerment.

Of course it is.

It’s all about *empowerment*

That over-used word rolled out time and time again to justify women stripping naked and making sure the press and public know all about it. Confirmation that you’re proud! You own it! And screw everyone! Regardless of your shape or size, flaunt that ass and shut down anyone who doesn’t say you look amazing as fat-shaming! Age-shaming! Race-shaming! Gender-shaming!


Denise Doesn’t look bad but she doesn’t look that great either – she’s allowed to get her kit off and I’m allowed to have an opinion on it.

And it’s got f**k all to do with empowerment – it’s an attention seeking selfie.

And it’s all just a bit cringe. Anyone who’s read my blog will know my aversion to selfies, I find them the most basic form of narcissism.

Selfies scream for approval. Semi-naked selfies double as loud, and semi-naked selfies from women with Ok-but-not-that-great bodies are the equivalent of a fog horn in your earhole.

Denise Welch’s selfie isn’t empowering, it’s desperate.

Because, I have no issue with women in bikinis, whatever their shape or size, but broadcasting your ass to the world is the opposite of empowering.

Empowering is dressing which ever way you want, without begging everyone to ‘like’ it. It’s about not succumbing to the obsessive narcissism of the selfie culture.

It’s about having confidence in yourself without seeking the approval of strangers on social media.

And I’m allowed to say whatever I want about other women bodies because, as long as the are exposing them to the world they are fair game for feedback – you don’t like the criticism, then keep your kit on.

Stick that in your empowerment pipe and smoke it.

katyWhy Denise Welch’s Bikini Selfie Has *Nothing* to do With Empowerment

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