DoingSomething ‘Swingers’ Night – A Dating Event With a Difference!

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Being a woman who prioritizes wine, and the ease in which she can get it, above pretty much all else, when I was invited to review a dating event for I was a little sceptical. Singles events, from my experience, can be very hit or miss … mostly miss, so combining that with a pre-planned activity had me worrying.

The event was held at Swingers a fab pop-up near Old street comprising of a 9-hole crazy-golf course, two cocktail drenched Clubhouse bars, and a diner serving some fantastic street-food. I was relieved to see that, not only was there a well stocked bar, but also a genuinely great mix of singles enjoying the evening.


Note golf appropriate footwear.

We tee’d off at pre-booked time slots in groups of four, which sounds a bit formal but was actually very well-managed and relaxed, The couple we were paired with were great fun and although no romantic sparks flew between any of us, it made a nice change chatting to new people over a round of golf in the middle of London instead of just propped up against a bar and certainly broke the ice! After spending 40 minutes or so on the course (I’m still working on my putting skills!)  we headed to the ‘club house’ bar to mingle. There was a refreshingly fun crowd there, an equal ratio of men and women and a fair mix of ages.

Despite much of the evening being spent in the ‘clubhouse’ chatting to other singles and enjoying the good selection of wine (!) the golfing aspect of the evening acted as a really great ice-breaker, not only did it feel more of an ‘event’ – but it was a great way of encouraging people to chat to each other and get involved.

Traditionally I have always been  a ‘few drinks and a bite to eat’ kind of gal when it comes to dating, however last nights event genuinely won me over. The evening was great fun and made a welcome change from a standard singles night at a bar.

I’d recommend a DoingSomething event to singles for two reasons. Firstly, singles nights genuinely are more fun when there’s something else to focus on other than what drink to order next and, in terms of actually meeting someone, the crowd was top-notch. ‘DoingSomething’ different at a singles event really works well because it distracts from the ‘singles’ aspect of the evening and becomes simply a great night out that happens to be full of single people! – less pressure, more fun and defiantly seemed to draw a more dynamic and inspiring crowd!

All in all it was a great success, and I’d recommend a DoingSomething singles event to anyone looking for a more creative way of meeting someone new. Personally, I didn’t score myself a date but I did get a hole in one! … Golf people, we are talking golf.

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katyDoingSomething ‘Swingers’ Night – A Dating Event With a Difference!

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