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Despite being a dating and relationship blogger, I lower my head in shame when admitting that I’ve never been to a speed dating night. In the spirit of investigating all manner of dating event, I signed up this week and took the plunge. Date in a Dash are ‘The #1 speed dating event in London’ (self-proclaimed but nonetheless) so it seemed to be a good choice when road testing the concept. The event was held at FunkyBudda Club, which, although not my favourite venue in the West End, scores on location points. The night itself was fun – 20 guys and 20 girls, standard layout of girls sit and guys circulate with 3 minutes each to get a feel for each other (now, now). 10550863_10152569823804525_4429738659636889067_n

There was a good mix of men and women, backgrounds and nationalities, from a handsome Frenchman I was particularly taken with (who later disclosed he was actually Hungarian but whatever, I was three glasses of Sauvignon Blanc down by then so it mattered little) to a group of 5 Essex lads, out for a birthday, who appeared to be taking the event with a refreshingly light-hearted attitude and a big pinch of salt. There were a couple of guys from a band and a few serious-about-not-being-single-anymore singles. A small negative, despite the event welcoming anyone from between the ages of 21 -40, I was certainly sitting on the slightly maturer  (read:old) side of the fence compared to most there, and despite admitting to a preference for old men, guys in their early twenties are a bit close to the mark, even by my standards.

We were given score cards to rate our mini dates, which I thought was hilarious/bizarre in equal measure, and a list of tips for making the most of yourself in three minutes … ‘Don’t use excessive swearing, talk about controversial subjects or get blind drunk’ – sadly three of my favourite things in life.10414520_10152569824229525_2347718414134660629_n

I really like the concept of speed dating, the idea that people are encouraged to communicate rather than text and email endlessly, that a 3 minute conversation will tell you more about a person than 20 emails will. and I think it works better than a standard ‘singles night’ in that you do actually speak to everyone there and time is fully utilised! Needless to say, being a friday night and being a borderline alcoholic I got totally plastered and tried to pull the maitre d, but that’s neither here nor there, in theory, for someone who has more self-control and is serious about meeting new people, or just fancies a bit of a giggle before a night on the town, Date in a Dash is fun and affordable (£20 for entrance + 1 free drink) The venue was well location, discreet, and relaxed, (though you might want to neck a few in the pub next door before you go – £52 for a bottle of house wine!) and the hosts friendly.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for drinks after the speed-dating event, when folks get to mingle and chat to the people they clicked with, Nobu was next door and there was a lychee martini with my name written all over it, nor did I meet anyone I would remotely think of dating, but I did have fun and for this Date in a Dash fulfilled their promise.


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