Holy shit.

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I received a random text from an ex-boyfriend today. We broke up well over a year ago, my call. We spent a good number of months together and the relationship started off well. Unfortunately however as the months progressed I found myself becoming increasingly annoyed by various aspects of his … Read More

katyHoly shit.

Spanish waiters.

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After a week away in Spain I would like to say I am back in the country feeling rested and rejuvenated. Unfortunately not, I spent the week eating my own body weight in carbohydrates, drank more Vina Sol than I thought humanly possible and managed, in the quietest village on … Read More

katySpanish waiters.


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I think we should all calm down about Kate Middleton. Every time I open a magazine these days there’s a double spread on her clothes/hair/teeth/hat/shoes. There’s no denying she’s a jammy cow for landing the plumiest job in the country but really, does a skinny Sloane really warrant such adoration? … Read More