Take it like a man.

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I went on a date on Tuesday night. It was disappointing, he was rather portly (despite his profile picture suggesting otherwise) and a bit uninterested in any other topic but himself (I am advised by women’s books and magazines to let the man take the lead in a conversation, this … Read More

katyTake it like a man.

Porn free.

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My Mac needs servicing, I am dreading the idea of living without my precious baby for any length of time and wonder what I will do with myself all evening. Now the riots are over TV is pretty dull, since growing used to settling down to live Armageddon with a … Read More

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Like a Virgin.

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Living in central London for the last couple of days has not been a particularly pleasant experience. As an escape from the recent unrest I decided to up sticks and relocate to the country for 24 hours. I have family in Suffolk and have spent the last 24 hours picking … Read More

katyLike a Virgin.

Bad Vibrations.

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So Wendi Dang was praised for defending her man Rupert Murdoch, I must admit the sight of such dramatic intervention was quite something to behold, I half expected Quentin Tarentino to jump out from the sidelines shouting ‘cut!’ There’s no doubt about it the girl did her old geezer proud, … Read More

katyBad Vibrations.

Playing FTSE.

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I’ve stopped online dating now for a good few weeks and although I an quite enjoying going old school it is beginning to become apparent that meeting real life people is slightly harder than paying up, signing in and going out. I do enjoy a bit of banter even if … Read More

katyPlaying FTSE.