First Date Nerves? Here’s How to Nail it …

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I’m a big fan of the first date – the excitement of meeting someone new, enjoying a good night out and potentially kick starting something awesome! However, when it comes to getting it right, there is a lot which can go wrong. It’s therefore my pleasure to introduce Inga Verbeek from the Ivy International Matchmaking Agency to tell us all about how to nail your first date. 

Pay attention gents, there’s a lot to learn! … 

A first date can be exciting but also stressful, and making a good first impression is important. But how? You can be a real fighter in your professional life, but when it comes to your private life, insecurities tend to come up, right?

Stay cool and, for your next date, remember  …

  1. Put in the effort, gentlemen! When going on a first date, what will you do to make it memorable? Think outside of the box and perhaps skip the usual dinner and drinks. Maybe your date loves to cook? Organize a cooking session! Maybe your date is more the adventurous type; plan a skydiving trip and you’ll be sure to light a spark! Whatever it is, think of something you will both enjoy and which will break the ice as well as generate a smile! Humor, after all, is one of the most sought after characteristics in men!
  2. Always keep an open mind, and get surprised! When arriving to your first date, try to keep an open mind. While attraction is key in any relationship, looks aren’t all defining! If you would normally say your type is blonde and blue-eyed, you are limiting your options! Perhaps the sexy brunette with hazel eyes is your perfect match. Once you expand your possibilities, the love will come to you.
  3. Keep it real! When looking for a partner, equal treatment is important to keep in mind. You should have the same standards for your potential partner as you have for yourself, think about that gentlemen!
  4. Don’t sell yourself, be yourself! Be yourself! We can’t emphasis this enough. In relationships, the truth is always there to show its face. Be honest and upfront from the beginning and you will be sure to avoid problems in the future. If being yourself doesn’t work, that girl is surely not meant for you! Rather than compromise, find the right one! Dare to show your emotions and open up. It may be easy to talk yourself up, but, this is not a job interview. Share something personal and your date will feel privileged that you let her in, this is the first step to creating a strong bond. Put yourself out there, you have nothing to lose!

5. Chivalry is not dead, we’re sure!



Too many men have forgotten how far a simple gesture can take them. Plan the date, arrange her transport, and open the door. Show your date that you are a REAL man who can take care of business and her at the same time. Do not be mistaken, every woman, whether in college or successfully running her own business wants a man who can hold his own.

We are all for masculinity, yet, a real man is determined, strong, AND chivalrous!


About IVY International 

Founded in 2015 in Antwerp, IVY International is an exclusive matchmaking agency that caters to find true love to singles that are financially independent and successful and who are looking for their soul mate. The Agency remains a leading dating service, combining discretion, tailored advice and professionalism, in the quest for the ideal partner.



katyFirst Date Nerves? Here’s How to Nail it …

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