VoiceCandy – Finally, a Dating App That Really Works.

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vc1Writing about dating for a living, it won’t surprise you to hear about the amount of dating apps I am asked to review. It seems iphone@2xthere are dozens launched weekly these days, and I always get excited about the idea of discovering a new and exciting app.

Despite the market being majority led by Tinder, I do think, when it comes to the ‘next big thing,’ it’s a tough game, and that many new apps over complicate things in order to come across as edgy and unique.

Too many stages to get through while signing up, a ‘unique selling point’ that is less unique and more just far too complicated, or a shoddier less effective Tinder-style app with a different name.

It was a welcome relief then, to finally come across an app that was easy to use, fun, did exactly what it said on the tin, and delivered on its promise (hot men ahoy).

VoiceCandy is revolutionising the way people break the ice and connect with people. It allows users to ask questions, opinions, advice and submit them for vocal responses from other nearby users. Whether you are looking for tips for a good night out or looking for that special someone, VoiceCandy is perfect. You may start the evening asking for a great Spaghetti Bolognese recipe and end up with your new-found friends in the centre of London having dinner out at the hottest new Italian restaurant instead.

IMG_1869I love this concept. Not just because it is fun but also because it takes the focus off dating and concentrates on simply connection people – which, is actually the best way for people to get together. Naturally like any social app, dating always becomes the predominant factor but being able to ask questions, chat or banter, feels like a much more natural way of getting to know someone. No pre-recording or over-thinking, just genuine, good old-fashioned communication!

It’s simple, fun and a much more relaxed ‘realtime’ way of connecting with people.

At the very least, you can use it to ask someone hot where the nearest kebab house is from Leicester Square after a night on the tiles, and that’s got to be worth a download!

Download the app and pick a question to respond to – or even better, ask a question of your own! Like what you hear? Start a conversation. The app is free to download and currently available for iOS, get it on iTunes now.


katyVoiceCandy – Finally, a Dating App That Really Works.

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