The Food of Love is … Not Vegan! Survey Reveals Over a Third of People Would be Put Off Dating a Vegan

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When looking for love, most people want to meet someone who they have things in common with; whether they’re into sport, appreciate art, or love watching Netflix. But, one thing many relationships revolve around, whether we mean it to or not, is … food!

Let’s face it, most of our early dates will involve food (as well as, probably, copious amounts of alcohol), and while we’re willing to forgive almost anything in the heady first days of extreme attraction, it seems there are some deal breakers we aren’t willing to compromise on when it comes to diet and eating habits…

Dating app surveyed 1000 men and women over the UK to find out what they felt about dating, relationships, and … food. And the first fact is that 34% of people would be put off dating someone vegan. In addition, men were slightly more bothered about veganism than women.

Traditionally, of course, men are painted as red-blooded meat eaters, and it seems many of them aren’t willing to give up the idea of sharing a romantic hangover breakfast with that key ingredient, the bacon sandwich, with their beloved.

And over three quarters of us would not consider changing our eating habits to become a vegetarian if our long-term partner asked us to. Some things, it seems, are just sacred. Even if vegetables – kale, avocados and purple sprouting broccoli, to name but a few – are highly fashionable and all over Instagram right now. But over a quarter of us wouldn’t want to date someone who really doesn’t care what he or she puts in their body: 28% of us find eating junk food the most off-putting diet habit a potential partner can have.

Conversely, being too health conscious can have the same effect; 21% of us wouldn’t want to date someone who’s always counting calories, and who can never let go and just have a burger occasionally. Other bad diet habits which would put people off include if someone drinks alcohol excessively (21%) – no-one wants to go on a date with someone who won’t even remember it – being a fussy eater (19.5%), and being teetotal altogether (11%) – alcohol, let’s face it, is what gets most couples together in the first place!

And when you’re about to go on that first, special date to a restaurant, there are some habits you don’t want to find the object your attraction indulges in; nearly a third of us (30%) get annoyed by someone who eats really loudly (the secret is to keep your mouth closed while you’re chomping, people), while almost the same amount of us (29.1%) don’t like it when people talk with their mouths full (makes it quite hard to understand you, in case you’re wondering).

One of the bigger no-nos (and we’re surprised it’s not the top one, but then most people are guilty of this nowadays) is checking your phone. Just over a quarter of us find it rude, not to mention antisocial; Snapchat can wait till you get home, seriously. And while some people might find this romantic, 12% of us dislike it when people take food from their own plate (we’re guessing that if you haven’t actually offered it to them, it might count as, well, stealing!). And while there are some occasions where this is actually impossible to avoid (eating spare ribs, for one), 3.4% of us object when people eat with their hands.

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katyThe Food of Love is … Not Vegan! Survey Reveals Over a Third of People Would be Put Off Dating a Vegan

2 Comments on “The Food of Love is … Not Vegan! Survey Reveals Over a Third of People Would be Put Off Dating a Vegan”

  1. VM Napier

    I get that dating a vegan might be difficult because they clearly limit the food they can eat. As a female vegan I’d date someone isn’t vegan however if a guy is consuming copious amounts of meat every single day I don’t think we will last long term. The reason being is that I dont want my man to suffer from impotence lol. So if a non-vegan man doesn’ want to date me thats fine. I’d like a man who’s stuff is going to work for a very long time.

    Yes, the massive consumption of animal protein blocks blood flow.

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