The 12 Reasons Girls Love a Bad Boy

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UnknownWhen it comes to men, some girls just can’t resist a bite of the forbidden fruit.

A nice guy, with perfect manners who your mum would love or a complete a-hole who should be avoided at all costs but knows just how to push your buttons?

On paper it seems an easy choice, but in reality – staying away from trouble can be a tough call.

The good news is you’re not alone if you always seem to pick the wrong men. The bad news? There’s a reason they’re just so damn irresistible.

12 reasons all girls love a bad boy.

1. They’re fun

Unlike men who have to be home by midnight because they’ve got an 8am meeting, or are only drinking water so they’re fresh for the gym tomorrow.


2. They’re impulsive

Breaking into the park at midnight for an al freso shag, doing a runner from a posh restaurant without paying the bill or turning up at the airport and jumping on the first plane to anywhere – bad boys live in the moment and seize the day (which is something we all wish we did more of)


A situation you are unlikely to find yourself in with a bad boy

3. A walk on the wild side is always going to be more fun than another night in front of Netflix

What you lack in box set marathons on the sofa you make up for with dates that last for three days and end up the other side of the country with no idea how you got there.

And who doesn’t love a bottle of Jack Daniels on Blackpool beach at 4.45am.

4. They’re all or nothing

And when they want you, you know about it.

Bad boys couldn’t give a s**t about rules and doing things ‘properly’ – because when it comes to playing the game, they wrote the book, and you’re going to be the next chapter.

5. They’re charismatic and confident

Some call it charisma, some call it being a sociopath.

Either way it’s f***ing hot.

6. They flirt

With *everyone*

Regardless of your age, sex or background – bad boys have the ability to flirt their way out of the stickiest of situations, from a parking ticket on a double yellow to a snog with your best friend behind your back – he’s got the charm and knows how to use it.

God damn it.

7. The dark side is sexy

Abusive, sarcastic, thoughtless, selfish, dishonest, narcissistic …


8. They can’t be owned

And we all want what we can’t have.

So, while nice boys are changing their Facebook status’s to ‘in a relationship’ after three weeks, bad boys are turning up two hours late for a date with no apology then throwing you on the bed for amazing sex to make up for it.


The joys of a bad boy boyfriend

9. They keep you on your toes

By not committing to you after two years of dating.

I mean, what’s not to love?

No really, I’m so happy.

10. They’re often troubled

Behind every bad boy is a story – they’re obviously just misunderstood.

You keep telling yourself that, girlfriend.

11. They’re alfa males

And have more important things to think about than moisturising.



All bad boys are amazing in bed. Fact.

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katyThe 12 Reasons Girls Love a Bad Boy

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