Suffering From ‘Dating Fatigue’ – Check Out The New Dating App Choosing Quality Over Quantity.

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UnknownModern technology as it is, the world is becoming a smaller place, virtually at least. And, when it comes to choice, we have an abundance of it, not least of all when it comes to dating. Be it the amount of  sites and apps available to use, the events to attend or, quite literally, the singles available to date, it can often feel over-whelming. It was with interest, then, that I heard about the new dating app Once (yes, I know *another* one, but hear me out) that turns its back on mass selection and actually uses the limitation of choice as a way of connecting people.

And, I think they could be on to something. Because, when we’re over-whelmed with choice we often stop looking at people as individuals and nothing is more off-putting than constantly swiping through the large number of unsuitable candidates on some better known dating apps as they are.

 Once wants to tackle ‘Dating Fatigue’ – the state of being completely overwhelmed by the number of matches suggested by some dating apps.

A hybrid of matchmaking agency and dating app, It is the only  app where daters are matched with just one person every 24 hours and where each match is overseen by experienced human matchmakers.

In a day and age where people are time-poor and lead hectic lives, Once’s team of matchmakers personally search through candidates in the app’s database and deliver one suitable date to the user’s inbox every 24 hours. Dates are selected based on criteria the user specifies such as looks, interests or religious beliefs.

Key features of Once include:

· Real, trained human matchmakers work to find you the perfect date.

· One match is recommended every 24 hours, which you can accept or decline.

· No fake profiles, adverts or spam. All people are 100 % verified.

· Notifications let you know when your profile is being viewed.

· Photos can be imported from your phone or Facebook and Instagram accounts.

· Currently available for free on iOS and Android devices to Londoners.

Jean Meyer, Founder of Once, commented: “People are fed up with having to just sit and swipe through hundreds of people in the hope that they might find one person who they like and then start a conversation with. With Once, we’re taking that responsibility on ourselves, and are handpicking great people for London’s time-starved daters . With the right matches lined up you’ll have time to continue with your day as normal and know that, you’ll have a handpicked date delivered to your inbox every 24 hours. ”.

Is paring options down the answer – or do people need options in order to meet ‘the one’? Only time will tell, but if nothing else it’s nice to see an app focusing on quality over quantity.

And somebody else doing the dating hard work for you, now, I like the sound of that.



katySuffering From ‘Dating Fatigue’ – Check Out The New Dating App Choosing Quality Over Quantity.

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