Rabbit – The Brand New Dating App From Ann Summers (Who Else!)

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rabbit-head-mobileThere are certainly no shortage of online dating sites, as regular readers of this blog will know, hardly a week goes past when I’m not sharing a new app or site on the market hailing itself to be the next big thing on the dating scene. However, it’s not often an already established brand gets in on the act – least of all one mostly known for its association with sex toys.

And, contrary to what you’d imagine it isn’t a sex app they’ve launched but a bona fide dating one. Yep, believe it, in January Ann Summers set out to revolutionise mobile dating and utilise its authority in love and relationships to dominate this ever-growing market.

Rabbit  claims to empower women to take control of the dating game and with unique features, brand partnerships and multi-channel marketing support, Rabbit hopes to become the largest dating app in the UK.

Rabbit says it’s listened to the feedback users have shared around their likes and dislikes of existing dating apps and used it to create a series of unique functions within the app that have the signature Ann Summers twist.

rabbit-mobilesWHY RABBIT?

Ann Summers is an iconic brand representing female empowerment and liberation. Our knowledge of relationships and dating behaviours make Rabbit a fun but powerful dating tool for the digital age.

Rabbit has unique features such as ‘Tell Me More’, which put women completely in control of the conversation and ‘Rabbit Files’, which allows users to look out for each other and rate their date’s profile accuracy.

It’s safe. All user information is secure and never shared. Unlike other dating apps, Rabbit also works using ‘fuzzy logic’, which means your exact location is never stored by the app or disclosed to other users.

CEO of Ann Summers, Jacqueline Gold CBE, comments:

“I am extremely excited to announce that Ann Summers are delving into the dating world – with 40% of our current database being single, we want to help create the next generation of couples through our dating app.”

Rabbit is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play from 25th January. http://www.rabbitdatingapp.com /



katyRabbit – The Brand New Dating App From Ann Summers (Who Else!)

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