*More* amazing cocktails from My Mate Your Date

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images-25It’s not often I come across an idea which is absolutely epic, but this is one such time. My Mate Your Date are a really fun and exciting new dating app using a very modern method of dating but taking the core ethos back to a traditional way of networking  - introducing people through friends, and friends of friends. 

Not only did they throw an amazing launch party a few weeks ago, which I was lucky enough to attend, but they laid on an fab cocktail bar which, needless to say, I took full advantage of.

Folks after my own heart I thought the complimentary cocktails couldn’t be topped until I heard about their latest stroke of genius, and yes it includes booze … 

Unknown-10To coincide with the launch of iOS and Android apps for My Mate Your Date, the new London dating site,  is now sponsoring private house parties across London.

Why focus on House Parties?

My Mate Your Date will only ever connect you to people who you have friends in common with – so you can meet the same
people you’d meet at your mate’s house party. No swiping random faces. People on My Mate Your Date are all real people who are known to your real friends. As Dan Joyce, CEO of My Mate Your Date explains: ‘There’s something electric and exciting when you are introduced to someone at a mate’s party and both have that glint in your eye and friends in common. We’ve brought a truly social element to the online dating world.”

Sponsoring Your Party

From May to July, My Mate Your Date will be sponsoring private house parties across London. Anyone (over 18yo of course) images-24who is having 25 or more people around for a house-warming, birthday etc can apply for My Mate Your Date to sponsor their party at mmyd.co/houseparty. We will send around a bartender to your party, along with equipment, to mix up our signature Love Potion cocktail, courtesy of Old J Spiced Rum. We can also offer your guests free Uber rides to and from your party and can bring beer pong tables if this is your vibe! We really love a party and want to help you make yours legendary. All we ask is for you, the party host, to spread the word about My Mate Your Date however you think is most effective.


Finally, an app tapping into real people (with real party needs!) – so what are you waiting for? Get partying to get involved!




katy*More* amazing cocktails from My Mate Your Date

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