MeetMindful – A Dating Site For People Who Can Think Beyond Alcohol and Heavy Petting. (Not I)

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images-34Calling all wow woo fans – A dating app for people who want to add some downward dog to their dating  MeetMindful, the first and only dating site catering to the “mindful mainstream” community, a place for singles who value green living, social consciousness and sustainability spirituality, yoga, meditation, self-awareness and more. and are looking for meaningful connections which lead to relationships, instead of shallow hookups.

And whilst I love nothing more than a stiff drink and some inappropriate heavy petting with someone I’m unlikely to ever see again, I can see the value in a site such of this for the ever-growing ‘mindful’ community.

apparently there are 40 million singles in the mindful mainstream and this is the first online dating platform dedicated to serving individuals who value a healthy and conscious lifestyle. MeetMindful now offers users the ability to look for love or friendship among like-minded people wherever they are, without missing a single update or notification.

“There are many dating sites and apps out there, and while they do a good job of helping people meet, more often than not those matches are shallow and don’t last beyond one date,” said Amy Baglan, Founder and CEO of MeetMindful.
“The goal at MeetMindful is to help singles connect on a deeper level, through mindful living practices, such as yoga, meditation and social responsibility. When common interests and meaningful connections are at the core of a match, relationships can thrive.” 

With Referrals to online coaching, e-courses and programming offered by affiliate partners as a feature, if you really struck lucky you can pull a bloke and deal with your inner demons in one blow and you can’t really say fairer than that 

MeetMindful’s success stories are already pouring in, including Carrie from Denver.

“With an open mind and open heart, last summer I began to ask the Universe to introduce me to someone who was kind, wholehearted and engaged. With the help of MeetMindful, I met Chris and feel so lucky, happy, and at peace with “what is”.

Thinking about the future consists of our next outing, dinner, cuddle, hike, and vacation destination. We are in each others’ lives this minute and treasure every second together.”

MeetMindful hails to be is the singles’ solution to typical dating site burnout – personally I’ll be at the bar on my third double G&T.

But hey there’s always got to be a reason your single at 38.

katyMeetMindful – A Dating Site For People Who Can Think Beyond Alcohol and Heavy Petting. (Not I)

8 Comments on “MeetMindful – A Dating Site For People Who Can Think Beyond Alcohol and Heavy Petting. (Not I)”

  1. Sarah

    I have checked it out, and made a profile. There seem to be quite a few men in my age range, 50-62. At my age quality may be more important than numbers.

  2. Yodit

    How do I join this dating site? Having come out of a failed marriage and having recently found my truth, I know what is important and it has everything to do with light and consciousness. How do I join? I am ready to meet my one.

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