LINKD – The New Dating App Where ‘Cheaters & Hook-up Artists Need Not Apply’

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The new app LINKD launched this week and, if you are the type of person who is tired of the ‘hook-up’ dating aspect of so many existing dating apps out there, it may well be the one for you.

LINKD is the first app to combine intelligent matching with tailored real life date locations – meaning online meets offline more quickly. It is aimed at time-starved young professionals looking to meet quality dates because despite the plethora of dating apps and websites – the UK has more single people than ever before; due, in part, to the explosive growth of ‘hook-up culture’.

However LINKD tries to offer a real alternative to the mindless, sleazy sex-driven hook-up cliché and does so by mixing intelligent matching technology with an unrivalled, curated list of London’s hottest dating spots.
LINKD_5This is the first time a dating app has looked beyond a basic matchmaking service, combining both online profiles with an offline experience.

How LINKD works:

Dating Hotspots: Where to take a first date is one of the biggest worries people face. However, unlike all other dating apps, LINKD is the first app to generate a list of the best places to take your date, based on your profile and mutual interests. Uber and Citymapper are also integrated, meaning you’ll never get lost on your way to a date again.

Intelligent Matching: With behavioural psychology at its core, LINKD’s technology connects people through an analysis of traits and preferred lifestyles.

LinkedIn Sign Up: LINKD is different from all other dating apps as it uses both LinkedIn and Facebook to verify users. This is to ensure that your potential date is actually a real person.

LINKD_4Profiles: Setup is a simple five-step process, you can create a profile that gives plenty of information to provide a quality snapshot of a potential match, without an excessive creation time.

Patric Okumi, CEO and Co-Founder of LINKD said: “Many UK daters are sick to death of hook-up apps, which force them into making horrible dating decisions they often regret. ‘Bad Tinder’ dates have become a punchline to a joke that many single people wish they could forget.”

“LINKD is for everyone who is actually serious about dating, without the expensive subscriptions and hollow promises of everlasting love. People have less time than ever before, but by using our intelligent matching technology, combined with our curated list of dating hotspots, LINKD takes the hassle out of finding quality dates, and helps find great places to take them.”

“At LINKD, cheaters and hook-up artists need not apply,” concluded Okumi.

Tinder slash Time Out with verified profiles and a good caliber of people looking for more than just a one-nighter? Time will tell but, so far, the ingredients seem like winning ones!


katyLINKD – The New Dating App Where ‘Cheaters & Hook-up Artists Need Not Apply’

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