GSOH wanted for LTR … WTF? Understanding The New Lingo of Dating …

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melissa-preston-1-350x341If you think that getting flirty online these days is about long conversations, extended emails and ‘proper words’ think again, just as you’ve got to grips with YOLO, understood LTR and realised that LOL does *not* mean lots of love, there are new dating abbreviation on the scene.

Exhausting? Amusing? Or just downright bloody confusing … however you see them, make sure you’re not left behind by letting our friends over at TrueView guide you through the modern language of love! …
unnamedIt can be a minefield out there. And by ‘out there’, we mean in the dating zone. For those who have only recently found themselves single, and who haven’t had to experience this brave new world for a while, it can be downright baffling. Why is everyone on their phones all the time? Whatever happened to singles bars? And don’t people put personal ads in newspapers any more, looking for a partner with a GSOH who are up for a LTR?

Well, no, they don’t. Times have changed. Everyone is on their phones because, quite simply, it’s become the best way to contact potential partners. Dating apps have become virtual singles bars. And there is a whole, racy new language being used which makes traditional Lonely Hearts columns look like a choirboy’s hymn sheet. So let micro-blogging app TrueView guide you through the weird and wonderful acronyms that modern singletons are using to express their interest in each other…

In the olden days, you might post an ad that said you WLTM (‘would like to meet’) someone DTE (‘down to earth’) for an ‘LTR’ (long term relationship). Sounds pretty straightforward, you’d think; but these days, dating language has evolved so you can specify a whole range of requests for that potentially perfect partner – and some if it is, shall we say, quite frank! But let’s start with some of the tamer ones.

First, what are you ISO (‘in search of’)? Being DTH means being ‘down to hang’ – literally, for some low-key chilling out. And in this busy, fast paced world, sometimes you want to try out a few partners before you settle with just one; so lots of people look for a FWB – a ‘friend with benefits’, who you can see only when it suits you, with no real commitment, and without getting emotionally involved. Making the status even clearer is NSA, or ‘no strings attached’.

Depending on your taste, there is also a very popular acronym with an interchangeable first letter, depending on what kind of person is being described. It started with MILF (‘Mum I’d Like to….’, let’s politely say, ‘Fornicate With’), but you can also have DILF (‘Dad…’), NILF (‘Nerd…’), and even, with the recent appointment of hottie Justin Trudeau as Canada’s new Prime Minister, PILF!

Matt Verity, co-founder of TrueView, says:

It may seem like there’s a lot of new stuff to navigate, which might make singles who have recently come back onto the market feel a bit daunted, but once they’ve got the hang of it, they will be fine. It’s mainly the younger generation who like abbreviations and text speak, as it’s just quicker and easier; anyone over the age of 30 or so probably won’t encounter this as much.’

Even so, here are a couple you should probably be aware of; if the other party asks you to DTR, it means they want to ‘Define the Relationship’, and find out where exactly it’s going….but if it’s not a long-term thing, you can just reply YOYO: ‘You’re On Your Own!’. Harsh, perhaps, but it saves a lot of time in the long run. YHBW (‘You Have Been Warned’. We made this one up).

katyGSOH wanted for LTR … WTF? Understanding The New Lingo of Dating …

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