Fancy Older Men? Here’s Why You’re in For a Rocky Ride …

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Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog will know that, when it comes to the types of men I prefer, my rule of thumb tends to be the older the better. That’s not to say that the older they are the better they are, just that, well, ain’t no fool like a fool who keeps making the same mistakes never to realise that they reason she’s single is because she’s making those mistakes.

Old men, tsk.

So, recently I wrote a piece for Metro about why older men make the best boyfriends, in an attempt, party, to convince myself. Now, make no mistake, there is a lot to be said for a bit of an age difference however, as has been highlighted to me since then, it is not always a recipe for success – far from it.

I’m thrilled then, to welcome Huffington Post blogger Kati Reijonen to my blog, a writer, who, it would seem, on the subject of dating older men (or reasons not to!) presents a far more convincing argument than I do.

Here are her 10 reasons why older men make *bad* boyfriends to young women:

Unknown1. Guys who date younger women will always want to date younger women, meaning that the woman they date will, sooner or later, become too old for them.

Result: heartbreak.

2. Old men like peace and quiet. Instead of clubbing, they want to stay home and watch TV and eat home cooked meals. This may feel nice at first but trust me – it gets pretty boring after a while.

Result: conflict of interests.

3. Old men don’t have too many years ahead of them. Men live shorter lives than women anyway and if the woman is much younger than her man, the woman will find herself alone again, sooner or later. Which can be a good thing, given that an old cranky man can be a bit…tiring to live with (in the long run).

Result: Early widowhood. Or singlehood.

4. Old men have health issues. Always. They also tend to make a fuss of their health issues. It can feel quite Florence Nightingaleish at first to make sure the old dude takes his pills and to watch his sodium intake and to massage his aching joints but there are other things a young woman should do with her mate.

Result: Second thoughts.

images5. Old men can find it hard to cope with young kids, should these appear as a result of the love affair.

Result: Exhaustion. Both sides.

6. Old men and younger women can be a serious sexual misfit. Seriously. There are blue pills to take care of some issues but not all of them.

Result: Sexual frustration

7. Old men get older. The charming silver fox is well on his way to becoming a white shaking fox. You really want to spend your best years with an oldster?

Result: A shocking discovery that you really belong to different generations.

8. Old men get retired or are retired already. They want to play golf, move to Florida to hang out with other senior citizens who understand what it was like in the 70´s (without Internet and mobile phones) and who get their jokes.

Result: Utter boredom.

Unknown-19. Old men sleep a lot. Alone. And they often snore.

Result: Too much me-time for a person who is in a relationship.

10. Lastly and most importantly: Old men should hang out with old women. Period. A Finnish poet wrote a beautiful column of old hippie males who need old hippie females by their sides instead of young women because it takes an old hippie to understand one. Old folks have a lot f life behind them and they are not scared of each other’s ailments or annoyed by each other’s old habits and oddities. As an old person (I am 57) I find it rather wonderful to share my oldhood with another old being who still sees in me the hippie girl I have always been and loves my wrinkles and grey hair just as I love his.

Result: Peace, harmony and a world the way it should be.

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katyFancy Older Men? Here’s Why You’re in For a Rocky Ride …

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  1. Macca

    Oh Katy – be still my aching heart! Just read your intelligent, well balanced and totally correct view of the older man on the link to this – ha ha. Whilst Kati has many good points, she misses some as well. Love your stuff – always thought provoking and worth reading, thanks.

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