Dating App ooOo Discovers That Halloween Vampires Are Twice As Attractive as Zombies

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With Halloween fast approaching, what better time of year to get your freak on and start thinking all things scary! Not only will we all be set to get the proverbial willies in a few weeks time, but also able to indulge in some awesome fancy dress, terrifying hair and creeptastic make up!

It’s with excitement then, that I welcome back the awesome dating app oOoo, here to tell us about the fun and innovative way they’re  made sure none of their singles miss out on any Halloween fun! …

Single women going to a Halloween party this year with vampire makeup will get the most male attention according to a survey from dating app oOoo

Halloween is fast approaching and single women could benefit from the results of a survey carried out by dating app, ooOo. ooOo is unique in the way users pick potential matches, they are shown 4 and can only pick 1, rejecting the other 3.



ooOo decided to show the same woman with four different styles of halloween makeup and asked the men to pick their favourite. Served up to the men were an eye piercing ghost, blood sucking vampire, half human half skeleton and a brain chasing zombie.

Selcen Korkmaz, marketing director says, “It was important that the makeup designs were achievable at home so our model devised the designs and applied all the makeup herself, all too often proposed designed are overly complex and produce disappointing results.”

ooOo reports the results of the survey as follows: The vampire took the largest bite of the vote at 42%. The other three shared the remains with similar popularity. The skeleton came in second place with 21%, the ghost and zombie at the back with 19% and 17% respectively.

ooOo’s user explain their thoughts:


Voters of the zombie comment the combination beauty and mystery was appealed.




Fans of the ghost comment the more natural look rather than grotesque appealed and some even went as far as calling her “cute”.


User say the skeleton’s appeal is due to the technical aspect of the makeup and being able to see the human as well as the halloween monster in a single style.


The vampire admirers state the fictional and literal references to vampires is the root of the attraction. One user added his reason for selecting was related to neck kissing.

David Minns, CEO and founder of ooOo comments, “ooOo is an ideal platform for comparison of facial attraction. Not only is the Vampire one of the simplest styles it also generates the most interest.”

About ooOo

ooOo is a free location based dating app that shows four potential matches. You can only pick one and the others are passed by. The app serves up multiple sets of four throughout the day and if someone you choose, chooses you too then it’s a match and you can swap messages. The app is gamerfied by showing you information about your potential matches and offers up a couple of time limited options to help users make their selection.



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katyDating App ooOo Discovers That Halloween Vampires Are Twice As Attractive as Zombies

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