Alternative dates in London – And why being a tourist in your own city is the perfect one!

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Anyone who reads my blog will know that, when it comes to dates, I’m of the school of thought that you can’t beat a good old-fashioned drink in a nice bar.

However, I surprised myself today by giving something new a try – alright it was with two 8-yea- olds not a hot fella but hell, it put the idea in my head for the future (Note to self: must try harder on Tinder)

Unknown-1So, the lovely people from London Duck Tours invited me along for one of their tours – you know the ones, big yellow bus/boat/yellow submarine looking type things you see on the streets of central London. And what a ball we had!

The Ducks, originally used in the Second World War, have been completely rebuilt from scratch and modified to meet the stringent safety regulations set by the road and river authorities – and promise ‘A wonderful world of amphibious travel –  far more exciting than just an ordinary sightseeing bus tour or river trip’ and, if it is something different you’re looking for, they certainly deliver.

Starting at Waterloo, it’s a case of turn up and hop on – the buses themselves are small which guarantees everyone a good seat but, what undoubtably made it for me (and two 8-year-olds *weeps*) was the hilarious tour guide, who, instead of reeling out the run of the mill London facts, really was a funny bloke and had me LOL-ing throughout the journey.

Past all the usual suspects – the House of Parliament, Big Ben, Piccadilly, the Ritz etc and then into the Thames itself, it was an hour and a quarter or so of genuine fun.

What’s that got to do with dating I hear you cry!

IMG_2891Well, from a firmly planted bar stool girl, I can genuinely say I think this would make a fab date! There is something strangely romantic about being a tourist in your own city and it’s the perfect amount of time to keep you entertained without having to commit an entire afternoon to an activity (ie. plenty of time for a nice glass of wine in the pub after).

It’ll also give you and your date an abundance of things to talk about – so full of unusual London facts our tour guide, Micheal, was!

Whilst it’s not cheap – It won’t be a date you’ll forget – and a guided tour around one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world? You can’t say more romantic than that.

To book your spot on the London Duck Tour click on the link below!



katyAlternative dates in London – And why being a tourist in your own city is the perfect one!

2 Comments on “Alternative dates in London – And why being a tourist in your own city is the perfect one!”

  1. Jess Hall

    Hi! Really like your blog – and this idea! I’ve only recently started my own blog so am just getting to grips with everything but it’s great to get inspiration from blogs like this :) Definitely will check this out in the summer!

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