Online dating can be a minefield. With an abundance of sites to choose from and a million potential partners at your finger tips sometimes the choice can be over-whelming. Having online dated since time began and writing an award-winning dating blog on the subject I know just how wrong people can get it. Writing a profile can seem like an simple thing to do but a short paragraph to sell yourself isn’t always an easy thing to put together.
Long-winded or too short, full of negatives, full of ‘winks’, full of anecdotes about nights on the sofa with bottles of red wine (groan) or a list of likes and dislikes, I’ve seen them all and I’m here to help. For busy people with full lives, finding love online is one of most effective ways to meet your match – more realistic than traditional matchmaking agencies and less exhausting than standing around in bars every night, joining the right agency for you with a well written profile can be the quickest and most effective way to meet the right person for you.
Whatever you are looking for – be it love, fun or friendship I can help you put together a witty, well constructed profile that will present you in the best possible light.
Things I will not make you sound …
Needy -
“I am looking for someone to love and love me back. I am new to online dating, but I believe that fortune won’t come knocking without some effort on my part!
 I am wanting to meet someone now to share my life with. I like to go out and enjoy my self but I don’t have any body to have a one to one with!
It’s not a lot of fun going out for a meal on your own – I want to meet the right woman to enjoy being with, going on holiday and generally enjoying good company. I need some love and with the right woman I know it will be 100% because that’s the way I am.” 

Pretentious -
“What Wonder awaits us?
I am a study in contrasts….

I am open-minded and progressive with a strong sense of tradition and appreciation of old world values. I am a professional, well-educated but find pleasures in the simple things and the people who partake of them. My head is constantly in the clouds but my feet never leave the ground. I have a flair for fiction but am based in fact. I have a mind for the city with a heart for the country… I’m usually found in a suit and tie but long for the comfort of well-worn Levi’s. I can be soft, gentle and compassionate and in the next moment, strong, physical and passionate. 

I will accommodate almost any view but will never compromise my values. Beauty is very important to me but appearances aren’t.”
“Beauty resides in many places I believe that its imperative to utilise one’s mind to the fullest because the more you know the more empowered you are. Curiosity and a zest for life makes the whole human experience worthwhile.”

Boring -
“Shared values, common interests, great friendship.

Favourite qualities — honesty, integrity, humility, kindness, calm, optimism.

 Starting point must be strong friendship and similar values.”

Or just down-right bloody awful (capitals, exclamation marks, smiley faces, winks, bullshit, mentions of 50 shades of Grey … you get the picture.)
Just an ordinary guy looking for that extraordinary woman ;-)
I have a very positive outlook and try to enjoy every moment, find good in the bad, some happiness from sad, and would like to bring a smile of pleasure to your face ; -)
I’m looking for those who’d like to push each others boundaries and really share unforgettable experiences together ;)
 I’m after a lady that I have a connection with, looks after themselves and is adventurous in all aspects 
I’m into the seduction of mind and body, kisses and passionate embraces x
Life is for living, lets live a little, or A LOT ;-)
There are 50 Shades so lets explore a few
To make you SMILE I will go the extra MILE!!!!!!! 
If you have got this far maybe you are extraordinary!? x ; – )”
What I will do is make sure you come across as the witty, smart, sensitive, creative, original, sexy, well-read, adventurous, fabulous  person you are! (and not just with a list of adjectives: schoolboy error #1)
So what are you waiting for? Why not drop me an email to find out more. I can ensure that your profile stands out from the crowd, that it captures your personality and helps you find exactly what you are looking for online.
Email Katy at for more details.

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2 Comments on “Dating Profiles”

  1. Kelly McGeechan

    Morning Katy,
    Im 39 and literally must have tried all the dating sites now, and just cant seem to meet, a tall, attractive ambitious man.( im 5ft 8 )
    Ive had my own career in the middle East, no kids, own house, car, also well travelled
    so its just myself and the dog !
    Divorced ( 3 years now ) no children, single just over a year
    I feel im attractive woman, who knows what she wants in a man.
    Ive been on alot of dates , and the guys i do like ( only about 3 so far ) lack the ability to text back to say id love to see you again. Need to know where im going wrong.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. DH

    Looked at this, and it became hard work – think I might revert to getting back into ceilidh dancing and social bike rides – exercise, mixed company across huge age range, avoids that “well I’ve got this date with this person, and no escape route”

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