Love Thyself.

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There has been a recent outcry over a woman called Samantha Brick. For those of you either, not living in the UK or with your head buried deep within the proverbial sand, she is a woman whom, in a recent article – , claimed that women hate her because she’s beautiful. Fair point, and indeed not the first time I’ve heard this said. Every so often we stumble across a poor helpless stunner who can’t form friendships with people because they’re so good-looking. Our hearts bleed.
However, what makes this case slightly more unique is that the woman in question isn’t particularly good looking. She’s far from ugly but I would rate her as reasonably attractive, in a Surrey mum on the school run kind of way.
So, article written and backlash begun. Within 24 hours the ‘stunning’ Brick was met with an unprecedented torrent of abuse. She’s been bullied, threatening and tormented. I’ve been shocked at the amount of intelligent, educated people who have joined the flogging and come out about how much they ‘hate’ her. Hate? Now, I love a good bitch fest as much as the next person but to hate someone because they have a slightly high opinion of themselves physically? It all seems a bit strong to me.
Here’s the thing, and by all means shoot me down if you disagree; I say good luck to the woman. As a woman in my 30’s myself I spend my life around articles, images, programmes and indeed conversations reminding women that they aren’t good enough. I’ll be the first to admit I’m always on a diet, as are most of my friends. I’ve had botox, breast implants and teeth veneers in a bid to be ‘more’ attractive, and, God knows, I’m not the only one, over 47,000 procedures carried out in the UK last year alone. Body dysmorphia, anorexia and bulimia are rife. No one feels pretty enough, thin enough, clever enough or successful enough.
 And then comes Samantha Brick saying, you know what, I’m attractive and I know it. Great, how refreshing. So she’s slightly deluded, so what? I wish I had such a distorted high opinion of myself, I’m sure life would be far more fun and relaxing, not to mention cheaper (have you seen what a cup size costs these days).
People scoffed when she elaborated on what her ‘attractiveness’ had got her; opened doors, for example, upgraded flights, men, by all accounts, bending over backwards to assist her in life. ‘How could this be?’ we questioned, ‘She’s not even that pretty!’ Laugh, laugh, bully, bully.
 I’ll tell you how this can be; she’s attractive because she believes in herself. When most of us are looking in the mirror and seeing cellulite, stretch marks and mum tums, she sees her glossy hair, her nice eyes and long legs (insert/delete as appropriate) and it is this confidence and self belief which makes a person attractive, not high cheekbones and full lips (although that always helps).
So here it is, I’m going to say it … leave the woman alone. Ok, she might be slightly deluded and a little egotistical but she’s not moaning and winging and bitching for a change, she hasn’t been brain-washed with the belief that she’s not good enough or pretty enough. She loves herself and doesn’t care who knows it. All hail that sexy woman.
katyLove Thyself.

21 Comments on “Love Thyself.”

  1. Lizzie

    Interesting post. I do agree we should leave her alone (partly because I’m a little tired of seeing her face everywhere!) But her arrogance wasn’t actually why she annoyed me. (I don’t really mind if people think they’re hot- fair play to them.) It was more her assumption that other women hated her for being hot, rather than admitting it could be a personality issue… I’m all for female empowerment and people declaring themsleves to be slamming hotties. (I definitely have a few hot female friends!) But by assuming that’s why women hate her she was basically giving the rest of us a bad name. We’re not all bitches!

    1. Katy

      Absolutely, and from that perspective i agree, she has been a bit of a prat about it! However, i still maintain that the torrent of personal abuse she got was insane, anyone would have thought she’d fire bombed a primary school!? the power of twitter eh.

  2. Jim

    Nah. It was a ridiculous article. I’m not saying she should be hounded for not being attractive, but I’m happy for her to get shit because she’s an awful writer wit nothing to say.

    1. Katy

      Agreed she’s a bit of a wally, but i don’t think she deserved the abuse she got, regardless of her writing ability! ; )

  3. Corinne

    I don’t think she should be bullied for the article, a bit of self-deprecation goes along way. I agree that it’s good to hear a woman feeling confident in her own good looks, but the arrogance of it is not attractive. I agree she should be left alone, mostly because their are more important things we could be talking about.

    1. Katy

      you’re right, and if i’m honest i can see that it was the arrogance that has got everyone’s backs up, still think that twitter has been a bit hard on her though, bet she doesn’t know what’s hit her!?

    2. Corinne

      I find Twitter deeply unpleasant at times like this, gentle ribbing is OK, but outright bitchiness and nasty comments are not on. There is such a pack mentality to Twitter, it has a sort of awful power which I find quite disconcerting.

    3. Katy

      Absolutely! normally i love twitter but when it comes to mob mentality i find it really horrible, it’s like people just join in the bashing because they can, the *worst* form of bullying in my opinion!

  4. ihavemostlybeen

    Whilst I agree that confidence is an extremely attractive quality it has to be tempered with a little humility and a dash of self-deprecating humour to be enjoyed by the people around you, otherwise your confidence can come off as arrogance and that is never going to be attractive. For me the turning point was the second article, milking your 15 minutes much?, saying that the response had proven her point. Had her point been that if you write an inflammatory article you are going to stir up a shit storm she’d have been spot on. She just didn’t seem to be grasping that what men and women alike were reacting negatively to wasn’t her great beauty but her incredible ego.

    1. Katy

      Totally agree, and actually the point is not that she thinks she is beautiful but that she thinks that’s the reason people don’t like her, didn’t focus on that bit though as it wouldn’t have made such a fun blog post to write lol ; )

  5. Sarah

    Keep in mind that her “article” was edited by the Daily Mail. Chances of it saying what she actually wrote are about 8%.

    Yes she comes across as a numpty, but don’t we all sometimes? Maybe she was drunk!

    PS, thanks for the blog :-) x

    1. Katy

      My pleasure, and hearing you re. the Daily Mail, i did an article for them once, it was *totally* distorted, biggest regret ever! #bastardpaper

  6. debra64

    I hadnt seen the article so I was one of those ppl with their heads buried in the ground lol! However, after reading your article I too have the belief that the Daily Mail sensationalised that piece and sooo new what was going to be the response!! Which is why I dont and never have read it!! 8% is probably stretching the truth a bit and its more like 1%…

    People that normally scathe others should be careful as I expect they have plenty of their own issues to deal with…I mean how annoyed can you get about what someone (a no one really) says about themselves!!!

    I say this…if you can get that passionate about what a woman says about herself, almost to the point of bullying…please try this? Put your passions into something more meaningful so that it enhances your personal life and not one that makes you bitter and twisted!!


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