The Perfect Christmas Gift? – Look No Further …

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4 necklace & logo

4 necklace & logo

Christmas is fast approaching and men (yes, I’m talking you to you) are notorious for leaving their present buying until the last minute – not to gender stereotype but, hell, we all know it’s true. Fortunately for either the men reading this blog planning to do the famous ‘last-minute-Christmas-Eve-dash’ or for the ladies reading, anticipating a perfume/scarf/underwear set if you’re lucky from a ‘last-minute-Christmas-Eve-dash’ I have the perfect solution!

Imagine your favourite words imprinted onto sterling silver, hand-made especially for you in London…

I’m really excited to introduce Wear that there to my blog – a *gorgeous* jewellery range that imprints words or numbers onto sterling silver and gold-plated silver necklaces and bracelets, creating truly original, personalised jewellery.

I love you more than Based in a small studio in London, the company started when designer Clare O’Driscoll made herself a necklace with a line from her favourite Madonna song imprinted on it, and friends started asking for them for themselves, and their friends, and it grew from there.

Customers can have a hand in creating a special, personalised, one-off piece of jewellery, and have used the jewellery for a wide variety of present ideas, including two marriage proposals (both women said yes!).

All products are hand-made so each piece is totally unique. I love the fact that these pieces aren’t mass-produced – the handmade quality is part of its charm.

DefaultThe song you had your first kiss to… The silly phrases you’ve kept on saying… A quote from their favourite book… A special date… The secret nickname you share with your best friend… The mantra that keeps you calm… The song that was played at your first gig… The longitude / latitude co-ordinates of a special place… Something that makes them laugh… A line from your favourite film…

Whatever it is that is special to you both, create the ultimate personalised gift for someone you care about this Christmas and if you order before the 17th of December you can also claim your exclusive 20% discount but entering MISTLETOE at checkout.

So there you have it, job done, the *perfect* Christmas present in the bag – you are very welcome.


katyThe Perfect Christmas Gift? – Look No Further …

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