Katie Hopkins – The beast we created.

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Listen to me

For a few moments last week I got quite excited, Katie Hopkins went quiet and I foolishly hoped that the backlash of outrage, after a recent publicity stunt regarding migrants being illegally shipped to Italy, had made her finally decided to shut her gob and leave as all in peace. Sadly, it appears not and she’s been back with a twitter-vengeance over the weekend, continuing to shout her attention seeking nonsense to all who will listen.

Pity – the world is a much nicer place without her in it.

Saying that, I don’t blame Katie Hopkins for being who she is. She has made a product of herself, and we are lapping it up – she’s only giving the people what they want, which is where the tragedy lies.


Love me

Katie Hopkins doesn’t say what she does because she’s a political maverick, or ‘brave’ enough to voice her opinions, she says it because she’s hooked on the attention.
Kim Kardashian pumping poison into her arse, Miley Cyrus riding an inflatable cock on stage or Lauren Goodger documenting her ever mouthful in her pitiful quest for the perfect body on Instagram.
We have turned into a society which champions fame as being the holy oracle of happiness, and we show people who are  talentless that the world will bring you riches so long as you dance to the tune that you’re played.

And we’re the fools for buying into it.

You think Victoria Beckham designs any of her clothes? Or that Katie Price has ever put pen to paper, despite being one of the highest grossing ‘authors’ is the country. That half of Hollywood isn’t gay or that George Clooney’s wedding isn’t the biggest showman since Liza Minnelli got married?


Like me

Find me an interview in a celebrity magazine that doesn’t have a product endorsement buried within it and I’ll sell my house and give you the profit.

What do I find depressing? Not that Katie Hopkins has a platform to preach her nonsense, but that, by means of our misguided aspirations and celebrity worship, Kim Kardashian is now worth 65 million pounds, that we’re more interested in why TOWIE’s Arg went to rehab than who is going to lead our country in ten days and that people actually give a shit about how big Chantelle Houghton’s arse is.

Make no mistake, I love nothing more than a G&T and the latest copy of Hello! But we need to get things in perspective and stop getting pissed off when Katie Hopkins is in a position to say something we don’t agree with.


Look at me

We gave her the microphone, don’t be surprised that she now wants to use it and will do anything to stay in the spot light – and rather hang herself with the rope of fame than risk disappearing into obscurity.

If you want the madness to stop, stop hero worshipping talentless people and understand that, next time you’re offended by a celebrity going bankrupt because they couldn’t be bothered to pay their taxes or one who incites racial hatred in a national newspaper … you’re the organ grinder, they are just the monkeys.

And there ain’t no show without an audience.

katyKatie Hopkins – The beast we created.

One Comment on ““Katie Hopkins – The beast we created.”

  1. Georgina wakefield

    Ref the beast we have created, much as I agree with the concept of this opinion I ask you to spare a thought for the people who are saddened outraged and disgusted that Hopkins is even allowed to tweet her vile comments. I refer to the latest regarding Jonny Benjamin a young man who is trying to gain respect for those like my own son has been unlucky enough to become part of something that is no more than a tragic life event. What Schizophrenia has robbed my son of is enormous her sheer ignorance regarding this condition is unbelievable. As for does she have a mental illness, google Narcissist and you will find she ticks every box, ignoring her is of course the right thing to do but unlike Hopkins those who have walked this road have feelings!!!!’mm

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