15 Reasons I F**king Love Kate Moss

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Unknown-20Girl crushes are a thing at the moment and, it seems, you’re no one without a bit of girl on girl crushing. Ruby Rose is the latest media crush du jour and celebrities, from Miley Cyrus to Lindsay Lohan, are declaring bi-sexuality to the world. Now, when it comes to girl crushes, I have many. Shits alive, I love women, they’re beautiful, and who doesn’t like the idea of being able to snog the same person you can go shopping with – have orgasms and manicures with your partner.

However if I had to hail there a winner in the girl crush stakes, there’s one lady who wins hands down every time. When it comes sassiness and sex appeal – Kate Moss gets the crown. What the hell is there not to love about this woman?

Time and time again proving to us all, that she is the undisputed goddess of cool. Never, in fact, has a girl been so unrivalled in her complete coolness.

Life-living, wine-swigging, not-a-f**k giving awesomeness at it’s very finest.

14 reasons I fucking love Kate Moss.


1. Where Kate Moss leads others follow  - from yellow chiffon to skinny jeans, when it comes to fashion, Miss Moss can do no wrong – and trust me, I’ve seen her off her nut in a grotty pub in Camden and she still looks better than you did on your wedding

2. And despite being 5”6 – a bit of a short arse by modelling standards, she’s ruled the catwalk since the early 1990s and whereas most models are beautiful but don’t really look like real people, Kate has character and sex appeal – perfect in her imperfections.

3. She lives by the motto ‘Never explain, never complain’

When your run-of-the-mill celebs are climbing over themselves to get attention on Instagram, Twitter and any social media platform that will generate enough attention to keep their egos fuelled, Kate sits back, Moet in hand, laughing from the sidelines.

images-384. She *smokes like a chimney and has a champagne flute permanently attached to her hand.

… and still looks epic.

*Smoking is not cool, kids, unless you’re Kate Moss – in which case, it’s very cool.
5. In a world gone wellness crazy, Kate Moss still knows how to have a good time – dragging out the last days of disco till the very end … in epic style.

6. She was escorted off an EasyJet flight for drinking her own vodka.

7. She was on an EasyJet flight.

(despite having the access and financial capacity to own her own fleet of planes)

8. She’s loyal to her mates.

Having long been queen bee of the Primrose Hill canners, Kate Moss proves herself to be staunch and loyal to her friends – unlike social-climbing celebrities, who’ll latch onto the latest Hollywood flavour of the month, Miss Moss is never happier, than up against a bar in Norf Landan with her homies.


9. She knows how to throw an epic party.

With an orgy in Claridges for her 30th,100 hours of non-stop celebrating for her 40th and photographed in a black leather corset looking like a woman possessed on all fours at the 10 year celebration of Another Man magazine, we can only dream what wonders are in store for her 50th.

images-3910. She turns traditional feminism on its head.

Some women whine on ‘feminist’ forums about being wolf-whistled at by builders on their way to work.
Some women who pose for the cover of Playboy in a bunny outfit, whilst also holding the crown as being Britain’s richest model, with an estimated self-made fortune of over 55 million.

That’s girl power.

11. She doesn’t discriminate against gender.

Remember that full on snog with Jemima Khan at a charity auction in 2006? Lipstick lesbians have never looked so hot.

12 .… Or age.

Annual holidays with close friend, Philip Green, buddies with Tom Jones and thick as thieves with Mario Testino.
Making oldies *the* accessory of the season.

images-4013. She loves a gig.

Not only has Kate been spotted supporting new talent in sweaty pubs in Camden, she isn’t bad on the mic herself either – and can go from rock-chick leathers to a silk ball-gown in one night seamlessly.

14. She does bed-hair like nobody else.


15. She doesn’t give a f**k what you think.

In a world obsessed with clean living, political correctness and keeping up with the Jones’s, Kate knows how to please herself and shit what other people think.

And isn’t that just so damn refreshing.

katy15 Reasons I F**king Love Kate Moss

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