#GiveYourMoneyToWomen – Angry Feminists Giving Women a Bad Name.

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Recently, a ‘feminist’ hashtag has started trending on Twitter #GiveYourMoneyToWomen encouraging (read: aggressively demanding) men to, quite simply, give their money to women. Eh? I get that a hashtag needs to be short and snappy but I can’t be the only person confused and angered by this dumbed-down way of, … Read More

katy#GiveYourMoneyToWomen – Angry Feminists Giving Women a Bad Name.


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Every so often I read an article that strikes a cord. One which, rather than peruse and pass over, encourages me to feel compelled to comment on the subject. One such article, which I came across yesterday, was entitles “Fight harassment by joining Twitter’s #50stories Movement”. The movement aforementioned consists … Read More


Use Your Head.

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I started using Twitter about 7 months ago and can’t deny that since I discovered the networking site I have become rather addicted to it’s daily activities. The chat, the gossip, the dramas, the political updates, media commentary and perhaps most delightfully of all, the direct access to well known … Read More

katyUse Your Head.

Fill my box.

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I have been a Facebook devotee since the wheel was invented. At times I show traits of what can only be described as obsessive stalking tendencies. Can’t help myself; Nothing thrills me more than hacking into an ex-boyfriends holiday photos or analysing every LOL, smiley face and group invitation on … Read More

katyFill my box.