‘Everyday Sexism’?

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There is a video doing the internet rounds this morning. It features a girl walking down the street in New York, being victim to ‘everyday’ sexism – men wolf-whistling, saying good morning, expressing an interest in her etc. She secretly recorded her experiences to demonstrate how women are still victim … Read More

katy‘Everyday Sexism’?


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Every so often I read an article that strikes a cord. One which, rather than peruse and pass over, encourages me to feel compelled to comment on the subject. One such article, which I came across yesterday, was entitles “Fight harassment by joining Twitter’s #50stories Movement”. The movement aforementioned consists … Read More


Murphy’s Law.

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There has been much in the news recently around the subject of feminism. Like Pilates or leopard print it seems to come in cycles of popularity; sometimes it’s quite the latest thing to been seen as/in/doing, next, rather passé. I’d imagine it’s latest reappearance has been encouraged by the recent … Read More

katyMurphy’s Law.