‘I’m Single as Fuck so This Doesn’t Have to Look Too Nice’ – *This* is How to do a Beauty Tutorial

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11863890_864164940342527_1376720853_nDespite being a woman who likes to take care of herself, I’ve long been left a little bewildered at the amount of time some women invest in being told how to look their best  (although, weather covering every inch of your face in thick make-up is you at your best is debatable) nonetheless, the beauty industry is big business and beauty bloggers are being worshipped and followed like modern-day gods.

Take your average woman’s magazine, double pages on this seasons ‘must have’ lip colour or this years Celebrity Big Brother, where, all but a few, of the female contestants spend hours a day staring in the mirror preening, plucking and painting themselves.

It’s a sickness, I mean, who really cares that much about blusher?

With the world’s obsession with seflies, image, social media and keeping up with the proverbial Jones’s, I sometimes wonder if we’ve lost all sight of what’s really beautiful. Isn’t a sense of humour sexier than false eyes lashes? or the ability to take the piss out of yourself far more attractive than fake tan? That’s not to say they have to be mutually exclusive but that beauty, or rather societies obsession with it, has become distorted, and along the way we need to remember that often what makes a women beautiful can make her ugly too (take Big Brother’s Farah as confirmation of that).

Saying that, there are some make- up tutorials that I could watch time and time again.

That make me so grateful for contouring and foundation I could weep.

So ladies, the next time you’re not feeling pretty enough or have wasted three hours of your morning trying to master the art of concealing you’re entire face, watch this and smile, the *best* beauty treatment ever.

The following, a treat for Friday – you’re welcome.

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katy‘I’m Single as Fuck so This Doesn’t Have to Look Too Nice’ – *This* is How to do a Beauty Tutorial

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