Jerry Hall Announces Engagement to Rupert Murdoch – And Who Are we to Question Her Motives

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Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch have announced their engagement and Twitter is in meltdown. People, seemingly, struggling to believe that a goddess like Jerry Hall (albeit a vintage one) would want to commit her life to an old prune like Murdoch.

Convinced that there must be an ulterior motive, or, that Jerry has, in some way, been duped into the relationship – most are either sarcastic ‘what attracted her to the billionaire 84-year-old’ or just plain critical and nasty ‘what a joke’ ‘Eurgg’ etc

Personally, I think it’s great news and I couldn’t be happier for the couple – but does make me wonder why is it that, when it comes to mixed-ages relationships, people are still so cynical? I, myself, am someone who has always dated older men, and would think nothing of having a relationship with a man twenty-five years my senior. Older man, from my experience, can often be more grounded, calmer and far more charming than their younger counterparts. They’ve been through the mill enough to have the experience of hindsight and are at a stage in their life when they have both the time and the wisdom to kick back and enjoy themselves – and their relationships.

And yes, undeniably, it helps that they are more likely to be financially sorted too. That’s not to say I ask for a bank statement on every date I go on, but what’s wrong with preferring a man who isn’t going to ask to borrow the bus fare home or who can take you out for dinner without pulling a calculator out.

So if that is the reason she’s marrying him (which I doubt very much it is, she doesn’t strike me as short of a few bob herself) So what?

CYhJDTtWkAA9Cy2Money in marriage is one of the last taboos in society and marrying for money, still very much scorned upon. The woman is  branded a gold digger, the man – an old fool. But so what if he’s swept away? Man alive, Rupert Murdoch is eighty-four years old and no fool, old or otherwise. If he’s got any sense he’d be thinking screw the motives, I’m going to be lying next to one of the most beautiful women in the world in the twilight of my life, let’s get this party started!
And she, in turn, is going to have a life most can only ever dream of with a bloke who offers her good company, experience, and a super yacht in the Bahamas. What’s not to love?

You see, what people make the mistake of believing is that, unless you marry for anything other than ‘true love’ (whatever that is) the relationship will never work. Of course, it’s the ideal situation and who wouldn’t want to find the holy grail of happiness in the form of a perfect partner, but if cupid doesn’t aim and fire then who are we to criticise people who have an arrangement that suits them both, and whilst it’s not societies idea of true romance, allows them a situation that benefits them both in the winter of their lives (because let’s face it, Jerry’s knocking on a bit too now)

For whatever their reasons to marry I celebrate the fact that they have decided to do so. Take the piss all you want, but my bet is it’s the eight-four-year-old with the supermodel on his arm who’s having the last laugh.

katyJerry Hall Announces Engagement to Rupert Murdoch – And Who Are we to Question Her Motives

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