Crazy Love -Advice to Kelly Brook.

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Oh dear God. What is she doing? Just when you thought Kelly Brook’s life couldn’t be any more of a car crash, that her fall from potential A-list fame couldn’t be more dramatic, she has managed, less than a fortnight after ending the relationship, to get back with her ex-boyfriend, David McIntosh, days after he was seen ‘getting close’ (ahem) to German model, Metisha. Kelly and David were seen leaving a Hollywood hotel together, which, given that they share neither marital paperwork, property or children, one can only presume was to reconcile. Read: Shag.

Now, I understand that, when it comes to relationships, the only two people who really know what’s going on are the two people in that relationship but Oh, how my heart weeps. The original split came about when McIntosh was caught cheating on his fiancee.

Kelly is clearly not very good at being on her own and would rather the company of a man who shows her no respect and can’t keep his dick in his pants to no man at all. So scared is she, at the idea of being single and having to socially and emotionally fend for herself, that she’s happy to sacrifice a potentially fulfilling life (and the chance of meeting someone truly worthy of her) for the dog ends of an old relationship.

An ex is an ex for a reason. Yes, there are cases of people reuniting after time, but usually the only ‘second time around’ relationships that ever work are those where the people involved have been separated for longer than 2 weeks. Her partner was sexting his ex. Ok, there might not have been physical contact but he was distracted – and unfaithful. To sexually entertain somebody other than your partner means you have no respect for the relationship you are in or the person you are in it with. Kelly must have been devastated but she’s a stronger women than I to be able to forgive after a fortnight. And if she hasn’t forgiven (which I suspect she hasn’t) then what is left? Resentment, anger, insecurity. Slightly unorthodox foundations for a strong and healthy relationship, wouldn’t you say.

Sadly the problem with infidelity is that jealousy often fuels the distorted sense of ownership and often a person would rather live with the anger but still have the cheater in their life than live without them and have to imagine them in the arms of someone else.

What should Kelly do? Just get through the first month. Not because this is the golden nugget of time in order to get over an ex, but it is long enough to regain a degree of rational and to get some perspective on the situation. The hurt will remain but after 4 weeks of sadness and anger the fog does begin to lift.

Walking away from a relationship, even a bad one, is hard. After investing time in a person, envisaging a future with them, for it to suddenly end feels like time wasted and as if you are going back to square one. No relationship is ever a waste of time. All relationships, especially the bad ones, teach you something about yourself and allow you to grow as a person. What is a waste of time, to coin a term, is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting the results to be different, least of all with the same person. If you’re going to repeatedly throw yourself to the lions at least make sure it’s not the same one that’s been mauling you in the arena for the last 18 months – the guy was even a Gladiator, you literally couldn’t make it up.

Kelly should brace herself for a couple of shitty months, keep her head down, spend time with herself and come out the other side stronger with a renewed belief in herself. This is the only way she will ever get her happy ending.

katyCrazy Love -Advice to Kelly Brook.

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