A Dish Best Served Cold.

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A year or so ago the ‘Socialist’ French Head of State, Francois Hollande, was photographed by Closer magazine visiting his lover. In France it is seemingly considered fairly normal, and certainly not uncommon, for a man to have a lover. It is widely accepted that a man, so long as he remains committed to his wife and family publicly is free to enjoy les liaisons dangereuses in private. Hollande was no exception to the rule and so cheat he did. Unfortunately for him his secret was uncovered and his double life quickly exposed to the world. His response – absolutely no remorse or apology. Least of all to his then ‘wife’’ who he removed from the public eye as quickly as possible dosing her up on medication and shipping her off to a mental institution as far away as possible (yes, really).

Hands wiped, heart-broken, job done.

Despite considering myself to be of a fairly open mind I couldn’t help but feel angered by his blasé response to the situation, the tearing apart of a women whom he had allegedly loved and respected. I understand people fall in love and move on, that was not my bone of contention, more the utterly careless way in which he treated those who had been loyal to him.
It was with great pleasure then, that I read today that Valerie Trierweiler, his jilted partner, released a book on Tuesday, without warning – a book about her relationship with The French President and the truth behind his ‘socialist’ beliefs, a book which is set to blow the French leaders world and government apart.

Why does this news fill me with such joy? Because by writing her book, Trierweiler proves that, indeed, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Oh I know, before you get all woo woo on me and remind me that revenge benefits no-one and the only way for a scorned woman to truly move on is to forgive, I’ll say this, it might be wrong and self-destructive, but, my God, does it feel good sometimes – allow the woman that much.

You see, here’s the thing, Trierweiler had spent a fair amount of years with a man who, aside from clearly not being able to keep his dick in his pants, was also a hypocrite. Mocking the poor as sans dent or to translate, ‘the toothless’ and resenting time spent with her family of working class origin, much preferring to spend his evenings amongst the cream of the Parisian elite. One who, as soon as he no longer had need for her, discarded her like an ageing secretary, no longer beneficial to his life.

Naturally she has been criticised by Hollande supporters as undignified, as undignified perhaps as the image of her portly sex-crazed partner on a moped on the way to his lovers house, salivating under his little helmet at the thought of a quick bunk up from his younger model.
And, sadly, no matter how many times people shout for equality there will always be imbalance. Trierweiler is criticised for her bitterness and contempt, yet Hollande gets a slap on the back for being a horny bugger. Bill Clinton, David Mellor, John Major, the list goes on – men entrusted with leading countries that, when it comes to the promise of a blow job … just can’t keep it in their pants.
Yet when the women scorned reacts, it’s not fair play. No, it’s bitter and unnecessary and just not cricket at all.

And that is why I am so thrilled about this book. Trierweiler has quietly and patiently plotted together the most delicious dish of revenge, quite possibly ever known in the history of french politics, so carefully crafted she’s alleged, during the course of writing it, to have not sent one email containing content of the book and ensuring it wasn’t until 48 hours before the release that Hollande was even aware of its existent, a modern day Medea if there ever was one.
Undignified? Maybe, unladylike? perhaps. An utterly fabulous example of a woman who refuse to go quietly, who, come what may, will have the last laugh out of the whole sordid mess she has found herself in? Absolutely.

So Valerie Trierweiler I salute you, for your fierce and unapologetic choices, for not being a good girl and playing by the rules and for rewarding your lovers betrayal by bringing down his government … now that my friends, is revenge.

katyA Dish Best Served Cold.

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