As Jodie Marsh Announces Split – I Ask, When Will Everyone Just *Stop* Getting Married!

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Before and after

Jodie Marsh is not someone who I ever really paid much attention to. However, you’d be hard pushed to have missed her rise, fall and rise again in the public eye. She’s gone from glamour model supreme to wannabe D-lister falling out of clubs (remember the T-shirt scoring her boyfriends out of ten in bed and the TV show ‘whole take Jodie Marsh up the aisle’ … Ouch) to a personality who kept herself to herself and, actually, carved out a pretty successful presenting career, exploring the issues and dilemmas young people face today.

She has done a lot to highlight the seriousness of bullying, and rebranded herself as a fitness expert – ignoring the expectations of society for women to look a certain way, to compete professionally as a body builder.

It seemed the cherry was firmly on the metamorphosis cake recently when, after declaring she wasn’t going to have a sexual relationship with anyone who wasn’t ‘the one’, she met and married James Placido last August.


The Instagram announcement

So far, so good.

Until this morning, that is, when she announced she was filing for divorce (but keeping the dogs).

Le sigh.

Now, make no mistake, my sympathies go out to her, by all accounts she seemed to be loved up with her the guy, but it does poise the question (again) …

Why is everyone still *so* obsessed with getting married.

Because, despite endless obvious examples that it is not always a direct route to self-fulfilment and happiness (See: Cheryl Cole, Gwen Stefani, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Garner … even Marge Simpson become legally separated in the 27th series of The Simpsons, and that’s only a handful from recent months) people still seem desperate to run up the aisle.

Jodie Marsh has been married twice, the first time for a TV show, which, not surprisingly ended before it began, the second time, to a man she considered to be her ‘soul mate’.

She’s tried the two extremes and, hey, neither worked.

Because, her’s the science bit, marriage doesn’t always work – in fact, it *rarely* works. It’s an outdated institution ,which, until recently, had very little to do with love, but was a strategic alliance between families.

Why are people still falling over themselves to get married and consequently, more and more regularly, get divorced.

Because they have a disillusioned idea of marriage will be like? Or that it’s a tradition (wife-beating was traditional once) t’s the expectation from society and many people have an underlying need to secure their place on the arm of their partner.

After all we’re married now, he can’t sleep with anyone else!



fun while it lasted

But marriage can often be the downfall of relationships – nothing like a legal document to send the fear of god into a once independent soul. And, what was once a reasonable set up, when women were encouraged to do and be less, men were the bread winners, women the washer uppers and, because they didn’t have in 1908 the chances of coping off with someone else where notably more limited.

People married for better of worse, they took the rough with the smooth and counted there blessings.

Fuck that.

I’ll take the smooth with the smooth and sod the rest – which is exactly the reason I’m not married.

It’s out-dated, old-fashioned and clearly, often a bit of a bloody disaster.

So, to Jodie Marsh, I hope the end of your short-lived marriage isn’t too painful and that you’ll think twice before being a wife again.

Welcome back … it’s far more fun on the other side anyway.

katyAs Jodie Marsh Announces Split – I Ask, When Will Everyone Just *Stop* Getting Married!

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